The DealerPeak CRM system is a fully customizable Automotive Dealership CRM solution.

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DealerPeak Automotive Dealer CRM

Customizable Automotive Dealership CRM

Initially, DealerPeak entered the automotive space in 1999 by creating a 17-location Lead Collection Management system. Today, we create car dealer mobile CRM solutions, customized for dealers of all size. We serve dealerships from the independently owned used car dealership to also enterprise-level locations across the globe.

First, our technical team is always on the search for new solutions. Second, they help to improve our clients’ ability to drive more traffic to their dealerships. Finally, our clients sell more vehicles and improve the customer experience because of their efforts.

The DealerPeak CRM system is a fully customizable auto dealer desking software and mobile CRM solution. We’ve developed our flexible platform for use in various dealership types, size, and also scope. Whether you own a small town dealership with 5 employees or likewise manage a series of franchise facilities, we have developed a CRM software platform perfect for your individual needs.

Our mobile technology is likewise packed with auto dealer desking software that goes beyond dealership management systems.

Our Mission

We help dealerships thrive in a digital age by empowering them with the technology they need to serve their customers with efficiency and transparency.



Mobile enabled.

Anywhere, anytime access. Full functionality without having to sync data or refresh screens allows you to sell efficiently on the go.

Custom workflows.

A personalized path. Employees work smarter and faster with personalized workflows that get them where they need to be in record time.

Custom dashboards.

Personalized views and permissions. Each user sees exactly what’s needed to power performance, while advanced user permissions are customized to your operations.

Phone/ text integration.

Capture more quickups. Driver’s license scanning and text and phone integration make it easier to get information into your Automotive CRM for better follow-up and measurement.

Real-time notifications.

Act now when it matters. Instant emails and text alerts let you act on information when it matters, not days later.

OEM certified.

A complete business view. Automatically import valuable DMS data, including sales, service repair orders, and inventory.

Service appointments.

Fill your bays. Lock in more service appointments by following up at the right time with the right offer.

Robust reporting.

Insights that matter. Real-time process monitoring, activity-based opportunities, and lead ROI reporting drives more accountability and insights to improve your success.


Hands-on support. Get maximum impact from your new Automotive CRM with coaches who work to understand your culture and proactively reach out with utilization tips and tricks.

Inventory integration.

Your lot at your fingertips. Full inventory integration speeds your work, and is essential when recommending a vehicle to customers or adding vehicles to leads.

All Major OEM Certifications

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We signed up with DealerPeak and quadrupled our sales. I think that speaks for itself.

Mike Sorenson​


DealerPeak Automotive CRM is part of our day-to-day operation. We couldn’t function without it. Our sales people love it.

Phillip Barnett​


The training and support is spectacular. It’s a product that just keeps getting better and improving to make it easier for our company to grow.

Chris Saraceno​


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