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Easy to Learn - Easy to Use

Only DealerPeak CRM Center comes with its own 'training mode'. We call it our Easy Start interface. This allows new users to start off with a very simple system. When they are ready, they can use the full interface with more advanced features.

Your sales staff will learn and use the new system.

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Real-Time CRM Process Monitoring

With most CRMs, you waste hours sifting through reports to find out if it's being used in the way intended. DealerPeak's patent-pending "CRM Process Monitoring" scores everyone according to how they are using the CRM. You can even lock out users who are out of process.

Management is always aware of who is in-process.

Full Inventory Integration

DealerPeak's CRM solution is fully integrated with your inventory. This integration is invaluable when recommending a vehicle to customers, searching inventory by payment or equity, or adding vehicles to leads.

Save time searching for available inventory.

BDC / CRC Friendly

Unlike so many other CRMs available today, DealerPeak is a truly BDC friendly system. Having automation, reporting, and workflow that accommodates your BDC culture is critical.

Get full buy-in and support from your BDC department.

Fully Automated Follow-up

While many systems allow the salesperson to schedule follow-up activity for themselves, DealerPeak's AutoPilot feature allows management to have follow-up activity automatically scheduled for each customer. Ask us how stop triggers make the difference between success and failure in CRM.

Have better follow-up, less work, and more accountability.

Flexible User Permissions

DealerPeak doesn't lock you into a few predetermined permissions or roles. DealerPeak's security architecture is the most advanced in the industry, allowing you to match each user to the appropriate custom feature permissions groups.

Staff permissions are customized to your dealership operations.

Multi-Location Dealer Group Architecture

DealerPeak's framework is unique within the industry. We allow a multi-location, multi-line company to view reporting and manage people through any combination of stores or all stores at once. This allows all stores to run on the same CRM system.

Acheive lower cost of ownership and a global view of operations.

Showroom Floor, Phone Intake & Web Integration

Getting customer information into any system can be a challenge. DealerPeak makes it easier with driver's license scanning and telephony integration all in a simplified interface for ease of data entry. Plus, we offer the ability to push information through your public website to the customer from the CRM.

More quickups are logged for better follow-up and measurement.

Certified DMS Integration

There's valuable information contained in your DMS system. DealerPeak can import that information daily for you to use, including sales, service repair orders and inventory.

Have a more complete view of your customer data.

Here are a few other reasons.

No User Limits

DealerPeak is priced with no user limits, so everyone can use and benefit from the CRM solution.

Printed Forms & Documents

Paper is still a reality. We can customize almost any printed form or document you currently use and make it available in the CRM Center, including 4 Square, Trade Appraisals, and more. These documents automatically pull in fields from your database.

Manager Task Oversight

Each manager with appropriate permissions can easily assign tasks to individuals they have authority over. They can also see when those tasks have been completed and are overdue.

Email Campaigns

DealerPeak offers built in Email campaign creation and tracking.

Third Party Leads

You can manage all your leads from one source. They are automatically inserted and assigned in the CRM Center.

We don't randomly delete your data.

Some CRM companies remove or archive your valuable customer data after a year or two. DealerPeak makes your customer data available for as long as you're a client.


The CRM Center isn't just for sales. It also works equally well in Service. Follow up with every service customer and mine sold customers for increased service business.

Inventory Analytics

DealerPeak allows you to gauge the popularity of your inventory, lead volume, and inventory health.

Flexible Lead Status Creation

We let you decide which lead statuses are important to you. Create as many as you want or keep it simple. You decide.


DealerPeak security relies on 128 bit encryption as well as many other industry standard security protocols to keep your data and your network safe from attack.

Email Templates

Email templates make it easy for you to keep in touch with your customers and prospects. Templates can be dealer group wide or specific to a user or location.

Integrated Work Plans

Each user has access to their personal work plan. This work plan is populated by the system for appropriate follow-up tasks.

New Inventory Notification

DealerPeak allows you to create a "watch list" of vehicles you know your customers might be interested in.

Lead Reassignment

DealerPeak allows you to easily reassign leads from one sales person to another. In the event of turn-over, leads can be reassigned in bulk.


DealerPeak is consistently "quick on the click" and can accommodate the fast paced professional.

Been using Dealerpeak CRM since June '11 with their websites for all 10 stores. Dealerpeak was one of the only CRMs out there that was a fit for our process (centralized CRC), having ACS as a DMS and 7 franchises that each have different certified vendor requirements. It integrates with everything we use. The setup and training was world class. We rolled out all stores at the same time with relative ease. This is a growing company with some great talent at the helm. The desking tool they showed at NADA does everything. Handling 5-7k opportunities a month and haven't broke it yet! We also use their online negotiation which converts to a sale close to 30% of the time.

J. Berna Hubler Automotive Group

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