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Dealer Groups

Other CRM companies are only now realizing that a multi-store dealer group cannot effectively run on a CRM platform that was designed for single point operations. They are frantically trying to piece together "Enterprise Dashboards" and just starting to talk about one customer file.

As with most CRM companies in our industry, we started with a flagship dealership client. Ours happened to be the Ron Tonkin organization with 17 different locations at the time. Our system was built from the ground up to support the many specialized needs for a dealer group running with multiple stores and brands.

Unified Customer File

We have the ability to take customer, sales, inventory and service data from multiple independent DMS systems and house it in a single unified view of the customer within the CRM.

Flexible Location Permissions

Our security architecture allows users to have access to a single location or multiple locations or all locations in any combination with one login. This access is also subordinated by which activities a user can perform within the scope of their permissions.

For example: a GM may only need reporting access for their 3 locations, while a BDC manager may need lead assignment permissions for all 20 locations. We can do that.

Cross Selling Ability

Certain dealer groups allow their sales staff to sell inventory out of multiple locations besides their primary location. This also means a desk manager can choose which DMS system the deal should be sent to. Our system supports this setup and provides accurate reporting on the sales activity.

Controlled Visibility

When many dealers need the benefits of a unified customer data store for marketing and other purposes, they often do not want one location to be able to see the sales activities at other locations. DealerPeak's advanced enterprise CRM provides the ability to put up "curtains" between locations that prevent visibility between stores to the degree that the culture of the organization desires it.

Location Based Alerts

Like any good CRM, you can set up alerts for when certain things do or do not happen. DealerPeak's alert system allows you to filter selected locations to receive corresponding alerts.

For Example: You are the Internet Director for a large dealer group. You've noticed that two of your locations are falling behind in their response times and you want to correct this. Part of this would be setting up an alert for any time an internet lead is not responded to within 10 minutes. In DealerPeak's system, you could set up alerts for just those 2 stores without having to set up the whole group on the system. This would be overwhelming and you would feel very sad. Not with DealerPeak: Manage who you want, how you want.

Global / Location Process Automation

Process automation is a core function of a good CRM, but it's not a "one size fits all" proposition if your dealership has different brands. With DealerPeak, you can have all the benefits of our enterprise CRM without having to sacrifice flexibility for each location in your automation setup. Our automation can be set up on a global basis or on a location-by-location basis.

For Example: You might have a mix of domestic brands and a few high-line stores in your dealer group. You might want your contact routine to feature different calling patterns, word tracks, and email content based on the location and brand that you are serving. The messaging you provide to a Kia buyer is much different than one you'd give to a BMW buyer. DealerPeak's CRM makes sure you get the right message to the right audience.

We needed a complete solution that would help tie in all areas of our dealership: showroom floor traffic, website, service, call centers, lead management, marketing and most of all reporting to measure what was happening. The DealerPeak solution was the clear answer to our needs.

Ron B. Tonkin President of Ron Tonkin Family of Dealerships

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