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Jerry [insert the name of your Jerry here] has been working on your desk for years. He knows what he's doing and has made you a lot of money. He knows how to work a car deal.

He's probably not excited about having to use a new-fangled fancy desking tool. He's comfortable working deals out of the DMS like he's always done.

Reality Check #1

If you can't get Jerry to buy in to using your CRM's desking, then it's going to be hard to make that CRM really work in your store.

Reality Check #2

Modern desking tools can bring a lot of value to your dealership. They can calculate multiple payment options, show rebates and special lease programs, pencil deals online, the list goes on.

So how did we make Jerry happy?

We built a modern desking tool that looks and behaves just like the tools that Jerry is used to working with. Keyboard commands, simplified "old school" interface, familiarity.

Sometimes you have to take a step backward to move forward. Now Jerry has the best of both worlds. Now Jerry is happy and your CRM can deliver on it's full promise.