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We have worked with this company over the last couple of years to combine many tools that we use within our dealer group. We were able to cut costs and combine our website, CRM and Desking solution to be able to function together and integrate with many other tools that we use on a daily basis in this electronic auto world. We tasked DealerPeak to build integrations with our DMS, phone tracking, appraisal tool, credit pulling site, and DealerTrack. In several meetings with management at DealerPeak and months of work they have provided us with a set of tools nobody else has in the market. You can push and pull the information to all the different auto business E-tools making this product a true hub for dealer operations. A must see for anyone serious about their future.

Full System Solutions

Over the years, dealers have invested in a myriad of technologies to help them better manage customers, websites, marketing, and inventory to name just a few areas. As vendors present the benefits of using a particular system, say Internet Lead Management (ILM), it looks pretty compelling. The dealer signs up and hopefully realizes some of those benefits, then comes along another vendor pitching a different system, say a website, CRM, or email marketing system. They sign up for those as well.

Here's the problem:

After a few years, the dealer looks around and finds they've got every kind of technology system available and none of it works together well. This means, collectively, it doesn't really work well at all.

Here's the solution:

DealerPeak's Full System Platform. Our platform can drive your whole sales and marketing effort on one system--on one database. This means that you are storing your customer data, service history, and inventory in one place rather than having to look for it in many places. You only have to log in to one system to manage your inventory, to run an email campaign, to desk a deal or appraise a trade.

Wait. There's more...

When we say one system, we also include your dealership's website presence. We actually take the demographic information we have on your customers and personalize the experience on the website based on who they are. The full system approach also allows us to view user website activity in real time. We're not just talking nameless analytics, but actual names of customers and what they are doing on your website as they do it.

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