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Is XLRM for you?

The “Power of the Platform” allows you to control and manage all aspects of your CRM, Desking, Website, Inventory, Digital Marketing/Social Media, SEO all with one single logon. DealerPeak invented the concept of a truly unified Dealership technology platform in 2001 when it launched the first combination website and Internet Lead Management solution. We’ve been making it more powerful and comprehensive ever since.

There are many good CRM Solutions. There are lots of companies that can build you a pretty looking website. There’s even a few good Desking companies. But only DealerPeak delivers all these applications on one rich technology platform. And we didn’t just buy a bunch of companies and slap a logo on the different applications (those aren’t really integrated); we built our solutions set from the ground up. We built it right.

What are the benefits of using a unified solution? There are many, but here are a few:

If you are currently “piece mealing” your different technologies together put down that roll of Duct Tape and give us a call. We’ll show you the “Power of the XLRM Platform” and you can decide if it makes sense to you.