A Complete Auto Dealer CRM Software Solution that Accelerates Past the Competition

Complete Car Dealer Mobile CRM Solutions

Initially, DealerPeak entered the automotive space in 1999 by creating a 17-location Lead Collection Management system. Today, we create car dealer mobile CRM solutions, customized for dealers of all size. We serve dealerships from the independently owned used car dealership to also enterprise-level locations across the globe.

First, our technical team is always on the search for new solutions. Second, they help to improve our clients’ ability to drive more traffic to their dealerships. Finally, our clients sell more vehicles and improve the customer experience because of their efforts.

The DealerPeak Evolution is a series of customized auto dealer desking software and mobile CRM solutions. We’ve developed each platform for specific dealership types, size, and also scope. Whether you own a small town dealership with 5 employees or likewise manage a series of franchise facilities, we have developed a CRM software platform perfect for your individual needs.

Our mobile technology is likewise packed with auto dealer desking software that goes beyond dealership management systems.

The DealerPeak Evolution

DealerPeak primarily started to help car dealerships of all size, from the independent car dealer to also enterprise-level, multiple location conglomerates. To serve their evolving needs for connecting with customers, the creative team at DealerPeak created several car dealer mobile CRM platforms. Finally, all webdesking mobile CRM solutions are customized to meet the needs of each automotive dealership.

DealerPeak Plus

Imagine infusing the robust sales tools found in CarDog and also, spicing it up a bit. Primarily, that’s the power and flexibility that DealerPeak Plus CRM offers dealerships with multiple employees or also locations. 

DealerPeak Classic

Dealerpeak Classic is the Cadillac of enterprise-level car dealership CRM platforms. This robust, multipurpose, and also highly-customized mobile car dealer CRM is a complete car dealership sales solution. 


Unleash the Hounds to improve car sales, communication, reporting, and also marketing solutions. Our CarDog mobile CRM permits multi-tasking independent dealers to complete deals, most importantly, right from the lot.