DealerPeak Open API

DealerPeak API Access for Dealerships and Partners

At DealerPeak, we provide each of our dealership partners access to an easy-to-use Open API. This makes it easy for our dealership partners to connect rich and real-time CRM data with other vendors and software solution providers. 


The DealerPeak OpenAPI is a set of programming protocols that allow the DealerPeak CRM to interact with other applications. The API is a RESTFUL/JSON API that can be accessed using a vendor key or a dealership key.


Leveraging the DealerPeak OpenAPI, a developer can integrate other business programs and applications with your CRM, even those integrations we don’t directly offer out of the box. This can be done quickly and easily without reliance upon the DealerPeak engineering team.


The DealerPeak CRM OpenAPI allows your company to build integrated web and mobile solutions leveraging our CRM data and processes.

For Dealerships

When working with the DealerPeak CRM, the API is what gives you centralized access to the record of source to the different applications you use to run your day-to-day business.


For larger enterprise dealer groups and more technologically sophisticated groups, custom applications can also be built on top of DealerPeak CRM data.

For Vendors

Vendors interested in connecting directly with DealerPeak can gain access to our API, upon request. By leveraging real-time CRM data, partners ranging from digital retailing to F&I can enhance their offerings and provide a better experience to their dealership clients.

API documentation is available upon request.

Request API Information

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