A Complete Mobile CRM Solution
Customized for Every Dealership Level

DealerPeak Classic

Elegantly designed for the enterprise-level car dealership network, DealerPeak Classic is a complete auto dealer desking software and mobile CRM sales solution. Customize automated CRM, Inventory, Websites, and automotive desking tools free to use from any mobile device.  

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DealerPeak Plus

DealerPeak Plus takes webdesking to a whole new level. It meets the challenges mid-level, multiple location dealerships struggle with daily. This robust mobile CRM permits busy dealerships to manage all aspects of dealer sales. Scan Drivers License & VIN, automatically populate CRM records, pull credit, and push forward to appraisal and approval – directly from any mobile device.

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CarDog is the perfect auto dealer desking software and mobile CRM for the independent car dealership who requires efficiency at every turn. Complete deals from the lot, edit vehicle inventory remotely, even fine-tune and enhance your website – from the flexibility of your smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet. Or have our web guru’s create a car dealer website design to drive traffic to your location.

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OEM Certifications

The DealerPeak Evolution of CRM solutions is powered by OEM Certifications. 

Custom Automotive Car Dealer CRM Solutions

Most car dealer CRM solutions are designed as a cookie-cutter, single automotive software solution. But is that really a good idea? An enterprise-level dealership has different CRM needs than the independently owned used car dealership. Likewise, the mid-level franchise dealer has its own, unique needs.

That with one-size fits all philosophy just doesn’t fit our style at DealerPeak. And it certainly, doesn’t help you sell more cars and improve customer service.

For more than 20 years, we’ve listened to our customers, from the small, independent owned used car dealer to the enterprise-level giants. If there is one common concern, it is a desire to have a CRM solution customized for their size, scope, and volume.

The DealerPeak Evolution is the solution that goes above and beyond dealership management.

We’ve developed three, unique automotive car dealership solutions. Each contains user-friendly tools, customizable dashboards, and most importantly, are fully accessible from any mobile device.

First of all, CarDog is the perfect automotive independent car dealership CRM solution. Second, DealerPeak Plus is customized for the mid-level, franchise dealership network. Finally, DealerPeak Classic sits on top of the Evolution.

To explore the technology and tools packed into these three custom-designed CRM solutions, take a look under the hood.

Customized Auto Dealership Management and Sales Software

The DealerPeak Evolution puts the power of automotive dealership activities in the palm of your hand. The trifecta of car dealership CRM software solutions is each scalable, custom configured, and most importantly, simple to access from multiple devices.

The three DealerPeak CRM solutions permit dealerships of all size and scale to improve sales, communication, marketing, and also inventory control. The technology comes from the lab of DealerPeak, LLC, a 20-year veteran of car dealership technology solutions.

Complete Mobile Automotive CRM Solution

There are several Car Dealer CRM, BDC, Marketing, and Service Solutions that boast about their mobile connectivity. What they tend to omit from their content is that there are key components of the CRM that can only be used from desktops or laptops.

The DealerPeak Evolution of CRM solutions offers COMPLETE MOBILE CONNECTIVITY. Every tool, app, and also report is accessed and used from your mobile device. At any time – and from any location.

Powerful Car Dealership CRM Solutions

The DealerPeak suite of CRM solutions is a technological achievement. Each tool is simple to use and notably, accessed from the comfort of your mobile device. We’ve developed tools that simplify daily dealership sales, communication, and also reporting tasks.

Driver License and VIN Scan

Take a picture of a customer driver license or VIN bar code from any mobile device. Upload the image to the cloud-based CRM, and also auto-populate a new CRM entry. For customers, this creates a better opportunity for follow-up during downtime on the lot. It also provides a platform to attach all text, phone calls, reports, and also, assign vehicles of interest.

The trade in is likewise expedited with the VIN Scan. Simply upload the VIN bar code image to the mobile CRM, and auto-creates a new vehicle entry. The sales team can upload vehicle images, update and enter vehicle data such as mileage, condition, and also special trim levels.

Automation of Reports & Workflow

The task automation and AMO (activity manager overview) give dealerships the power of automating reporting and workflow customization. Schedule reports for automatic distribution through your dealership network.

Also, set up the AMO for custom alerts and notifications. Desktop, email, or likewise SMS/MMS text alerts will let you know when an incoming communication is pending. Of course, all these automated tools are accessed from any mobile device.

Trade In & Appraisal

Speed up the process of trade in’s with DealerPeak’s suite of CRM solutions. Once a new vehicle entry is established, team members can push forward details directly to the appraisal department. Likewise, access 700 Credit, CARFAX, DealerTrack, and also Kelley Blue Book – directly from your mobile device, tablets, laptops, or desktops.

Integrated Solutions & OEM Certifications

DealerPeak has partnered with industry leaders to provide better value to our clients. Each of our integrated solutions is constantly updated, ensuring your dealership team receives accurate data. We also have established OEM Certifications that comply with the dispositions on data processing for each, individual manufacturer.

Desking Through the Sales Process

Each phase of the car sales process is pushed through with ease. Complete deals directly from the lot, access and print pre-filled out paperwork, revise applicant data and fine-tune deals for maximum profit. Push forward deals to finance, managers, and also lenders for quicker approval.

All desking and sales tools are scalable, customizable, and most importantly, mobile access. Sales team and managers can also access ALL DealerPeak CRM tools and apps from their tablets, to share reports and data with customers.