The all-in-one CRM for
automotive dealerships

Easily manage customers, sales, and marketing across your entire dealer group or a single location

DealerPeak Automotive CRM

The only CRM built for auto groups

Introducing an automotive CRM platform for dealers that gives you fingertip access to all the information your auto group needs to succeed. Robust deal desking. Proactive alerts. Trade appraisals. Credit pulls. Equity mining. Inventory. And so much more.

Built to match your existing workflows with lightning-fast integrations to your favorite tools, DealerPeak’s automotive CRM allows you to easily report on trends across your entire auto group. You can even drill down to learn more about a single location, team, or associate at a single dealership.

The DealerPeak platform keeps you moving forward. And a dealership in motion, stays in motion.

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Software at your service, data on demand

DealerPeak’s data driven, enterprise-wide automotive CRM platform enables you to manage customers, sales and marketing across the entire dealership group from any store – with just one single login.

The DealerPeak Mission

When asked to identify his favorite car, automotive industry legend Carroll Shelby would always say, “The next one.”

We get it. As car people, we want to help our industry regain its love of cars, both for the dealers who sell vehicles and the customers who buy them.

Simply put, our aim is to bring joy back into the process. We do this by empowering dealerships with an automotive CRM platform that includes all the enterprise-wide information they need to find the right vehicle for each customer. Software at your service. Data on demand.

It’s time to make car buying (and selling) fun again.

Our Performance Reviews

Customers love our support team - and so will you

I have used DealerPeak CRM in my dealership for the last 6 years and have had nothing but amazing experiences with the software and the team. Not only is the CRM user friendly but it holds so much valuable information and task management tools. The system quality is top notch, and their support team is absolutely stellar. Always a 10/10!

Hillary Mundell, Jim Shorkey Auto Group

Built for
auto groups

How would you like to identify trends across your entire auto group’s ecosystem? Or pinpoint the performance of a single associate at one of your locations? Now you can. With the DealerPeak CRM platform, you’ll never lose sight of your group’s
performance ever again.

Open Platform (API)

Easily connect to any of the latest digital retailing tools, or build your own custom apps on top of your groups tailored DealerPeak platform.

Customizable Workflows

Run your dealerships your way with configurable workflows and access levels for group, stores, teams or individuals.

White Glove Support

Our friendly, knowledgeable support staff is available 24/7 via chat, text or phone. Whenever you choose to reach out, we’ll be there for you.

99.99% Uptime SLA

Forget having to worry about lost sales and wasted time with costly outages, DealerPeak makes downtime a thing of the past.

Designed for BDC Teams

BDCs can route and manage internet and phone traffic easily in our enterprise-wide CRM, across all their locations with a single login.

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