New Features to Directly Combat Chip Shortage 

Denver, CO –November 30, 2021 – DealerPeak, the only CRM dedicated to making the industry regain its love of selling cars, recently announced updated features that make a more seamless process for customers and provide greater visibility for management.

Many of the new features released today will directly impact the success of dealerships navigating the chip crisis and help shore up the demand for their used vehicle inventory. This release includes changes to the user interface to give immediate visibility to problem areas across the group or filter down to individual salespeople. Risk settings and alert icons on the dashboard have been redesigned to help management monitor customer interactions, reduce clicks, and provide better visibility. For instance, management is now alerted with a “new leads without response” icon so they can immediately respond to any problem areas in order to save the sale.

“We are in the middle of an interesting intersection of challenges within automotive, “said Rick McLey, Partner of DealerPeak. While the overarching discussion is about digital retailing and seamless interactions to move more cars, the truth is, we still have thousands of lots sitting empty waiting for vehicles. The new features we’ve added to the latest version of DealerPeak CRM are directly focused on showing dealership management where the bottlenecks are in the process, how they can quickly get the sale back on track, and how they can use the existing inventory they have to create lifetime customers.”

This newest release includes multiple features to help dealers desk the best deal for the customer, desk multiple deals at once, and even help the customer themselves desk their own deal, with the appointment request sent directly to the sales team. Mobile upgrades enable the entire sales team to make deals on the spot, and an enterprise-wide reporting structure is the most robust in the industry for multiple location reporting.

DealerPeak automates the hard work of relationship building through real-time updates, customized workflows, desking solutions, and more. The aim is to bring joy back into the process while helping each dealership contribute to a healthy bottom line

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