DealerPeak OEM Certifications

Full OEM Compatibility

The DealerPeak team appreciates how powerful relationship building creates opportunities for success. To that end, we’ve established partnerships with several OEM manufacturers to provide an accurate data stream of leads. Our mobile automotive webdesking CRM is OEM certified. Take time to review our OEM certifications that are embedded in each of our DealerPeak Evolution solutions.

Valuable OEM Certifications for Improved Lead Conversion

Contrary to the popular myth, customers don’t show up to a car dealership randomly. Contacting a potential sales lead is a vital component for attracting dealership visitors. To this end, DealerPeak has created partnerships with multiple OEM manufacturers, who have certified our CRM’s ability to comply with their disposition of sales lead data.

We constantly update our data directly from each OEM provider. This single automotive software solution provides instant access to updated lead dispositions and factory incentives. Leading brands including Nissan, Toyota, and Ford trust DealerPeak to handle their valuable and sensitive data as do luxury brands Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, and Bugatti.

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