Peak Insights Report Q1 2022

Peak Insights Q1 2022

We at DealerPeak have analyzed over 250,000 leads that ran through our CRM in Q1 of 2022, and in our findings reveal best converting website providers, digital retailing platforms, and even the manufacturers who best converted leads to sales this last quarter. 


In the future we will continue to run the insights report on a quarterly basis and will be expanding the data and trends we are seeing across our data set with the industry.


DealerPeak’s best-in-class, enterprise-wide solutions automate the hard work of relationship building through real-time updates, customized workflows, desking solutions, and more. The aim is to bring joy back into the process, while helping each dealership contribute to a healthy bottom line. 

Inside you will find:

Top Website Conversion Agencies

Top Performing Digital Retailing Conversion Partners

Top Dealer Lead Sources for Conversions

Top Converting Manufacturer Lead Sources

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