DealerPeak CRM Includes New Features that Enhance Visibility, Desking Functionality and Mobile Communications 

Phoenix, AZ – June 14, 2022 – DealerPeak, the only CRM dedicated to making the industry regain their love of selling cars, announced today the immediate availability of a new release of its DealerPeak CRM platform. This feature-rich release is designed to directly improve the success of DealerPeak clients navigating the chip crisis and help shore up demand for their used vehicle inventory. 

The new features in the release focus on providing enhanced visibility, desking functionality and mobile communications. The user interface, for example, has been enhanced to give immediate visibility to problem areas across a group or by individual.

Desking functionality has also been improved, with multiple new features to help dealers desk the best deal for each customer, desk multiple deals at once, and even help the customer desk their own deal, with the appointment request sent directly to the sales team.

Upgrades to its mobile features enable the entire sales team to make deals on the spot, supported by a robust enterprise-wide reporting structure.

“The new features we’ve added to the latest version of DealerPeak CRM are designed to show dealership management where the bottlenecks are in the sales process,” said Matt Moore, CEO. “We want our clients to know how they can quickly get the sale back on track and how they can use the existing inventory they have to create lifetime customers.”

Summary of DealerPeak CRM release features:

  •  Redesigned dashboard risk settings and alert icons to help management monitor customer interactions, reduce clicks and provide better visibility.
  • Created a “new leads without response” icon to enable management to respond to any problem areas immediately, helping to save the sale.
  • UTC time zone updates across all dealer customers to be able to sync times for dealers with locations in multiple time zones.
  • Desk Log design and user experience improvements for better data accessibility and appointment tracking.
  •  Improved mobile app to enable users to add customer profile notes, as well as flag emails and text messages.
  • Expanded “Click to Call” functionality through the mobile app to work with customers, even without an assigned task.
  • Included text message templates to make mobile communication more efficient.

DealerPeak’s best-in-class, enterprise-wide solutions automate the hard work of relationship building through real-time updates, customized workflows, desking solutions and more. The aim is to bring joy back into the process, while helping each dealership contribute to a healthy bottom line. 

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About DealerPeak:

DealerPeak’s mission is to help our industry regain our love of selling cars, both for the dealers who sell vehicles and the customers who buy them. We help dealerships use all of the information at their disposal to capture the magic that exists when a customer finds just the right vehicle for their needs. Our best-in-class solutions automate the hard work of relationship building through real-time updates, customized workflows, desking solutions, and more. Our aim is to bring joy back into the process, while helping you contribute to a healthy bottom line.  

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